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Master Proven is an independent, 3rd party testing and evaluation organization. The goal is simple: determine what works, how it holds up to punishment and whether the price is objectively reasonable in the context of purpose, construction and performance.


Equipment manufacturers submit two of each item to be tested. There will be a register and a number for each item evaluated and the names of the evaluators involved. Those items that successfully pass the review process will be posted on line.


The Master Proven evaluation team is drawn from across a broad spectrum of military, law enforcement and other tactical professionals. Team members are all current or former: Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen or Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies. In many cases they are both, and include a wide array of disciplines (Special Operations/SWAT, EOD, Scouts and Snipers, Patrol, and Detectives). Evaluators are divided into teams headed by one of our Master Sergeants, MPOs (Master Police Officers) or other Master team leaders. Collectively, these Master Team Leads have over 150 years of real world tactical experience. End users can have confidence that the items in question will have undergone a rigorous and thorough testing.


In certain cases, SME (Subject Matter Expert) personnel with a conflicting interest will recuse themselves from the evaluation to avoid any possibility of conflict of interest. Master Proven strives for transparency and will gladly answer any questions or concerns with the evaluation process in a direct and forthright manner. Each evaluated product will be tested by a seasoned professional who believes in the best interest of the end user. A detailed, document driven, After Action Review, will be given to the manufacturer. If a product fails, suggestions will be given along with the AAR. All products that pass will be given a PASS ID number and permission granted to use the MASTER PROVEN logo.

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